Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I will Launch my English Version for this Blog

When i was stuck in searching how to tag my blog, i was thinking that is why im not change my blog language from Indonesia to English? Not just reader from Indonesia will read my posted but all the people in the world will read my post.

But i know it will spend my whole time to convert this blog to english. Or maybe i will make it two version in one blog for each language. One for Indonesia post and one for english post. Or i will make two blog with different language? What do you say? Guys need you help badly T_T


  1. Hm.....i think it would be better if you have two blog, same blog but in different language, one in Indo and the other in English..But, know what's's your own decision...

  2. In english is easy to add advertiser but not in english, well there's a lot of work in my list.
    thank ya Nat ...


  3. kagak ngerti numpang koment aja :D

  4. @Tony : Mangga kang dipersilahkan, aih master merendah ajah nih. jadi ga enak. hahahaha

  5. ono opo toh iki mas aq ra mudeng...wis salam bae... assalammualaikum

  6. thats lookly more proffesional with english version... congrat yah ..



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